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tv   Today  NBC  February 6, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> here it is. >> here is. it is friday, february 5th, 2016. jenna bush hager filling in for kathie lee. that's sugar. so fly so fly >> francisco yates. we're like twins. the reason we're wearing red, we
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it's very cute. go red for women. you guys know that. we're wearing red pins and it's for the american heart association campaign that kicks off to raise awareness for women and heart disease and a lot of people don't realize how many deaths heart disease causes among women. they think it's kind of a man's thing, but it really is a woman's thing too. >> one in 30 women. >> it kills more people than all cancers combined. so we just want to remind people. we also have a big show. >> where he. >> who is here? >> oscar winner -- let's say it again. oscar winner christine laty is here. she's starring in a movie that's very personal to her. she's going to talk to us about that and how she looks so good. >> she looks really good. if you aren't familiar with her name just yet -- i wasn't, but then look at her. she's awesome. you're about to join eight million people -- that's a
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she's a youtube star with fans around the world. if you have a daughter, you'll want to know all about her. she's funny. unicorns came. >> these are her fans who showed up in the snow dressed as unicorns, and we're going to explain why they have those outfits on in a little bit. >> they probably stayed warmer in that little thing. that onesy. >> what was going on? >> we walked outside and we were shocked. >> i'm sure that al told us about it, but we weren't paying attention because when we walked outside it was like -- >> i might as well have been wag -- wearing sandals. i was wearing flats. >> weir also going to talk about your pantry, if it's cluttered with mess and bags, madeleine is here to sort through all that junk and make it nice and need and tidy. it is the big game also known as the super bowl. we have our jerseys. >> look, peyton. look. >> cam newton. >> okay. should we put them on? >> i guess so. >> mine looks small. >> mine looks large. >> i don't think i'm going to like how i feel in mine. >> there we go. can you hear us?
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i'm going to sleep in this baby. >> that's cute. >> this is a new super bowl logo. >> it's the 50th anniversary. >> i'm so excited about peyton playing this game. >> i'm so excited about the food i get to eat. >> what are you going to have, do you know? >> i like to make chilli con queso the way the real texans make it. i'm gonna get some comments on that, because it's not that healthy. you cut up velveeta, which is hard to find in new york city. >> why? >> it's very processed. you chop it up. you put in one can of rotel tomatoes. have you ever heard of that? >> no. i like it. >> you pop it on the stove or microwave. let's be honest, i'll probably put it in the microwave. you serve it with chips. >> you dip it. >> you dip it. sometimes i put a can of bean dip in there. >> that sounds excellent. >> it does hurt my stomach, but i've never learned the lesson.
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i know they look like helmets. rachel, she's the owner and cake designer of intricate icings cake designs. in denver, colorado. our prop guys put these out, and they said we're supposed to have a cake out here. we don't see it. we just see the helmets. these are the cakes. >> isn't that unbelievable? >> can i cut into it? >> we can't do it like that. that's gross. >> fine. >> we'll look for a knife. >> while we're getting that, we'll tell you about george clooney because if you love george clooney, you're going to love him even more after you watch this clip from the ellen show. ellen asked him how he proposed to amal, and he said he knew after six months of dating that she was the one, but for the proposal he had a whole situation going. he cooked a meal. he hid the ring inside a box behind her. he ended up making a playlist. like a music playlist that was supposed to stop during the time. his aunt rosemary clooney was saying "why shouldn't i" in the background. all of that was supposed to be happening.
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>> that's the song. he wanted it to be playing. >> so romantic. >> when she saw the ring. sadly, that wasn't what happened. let's take a look. >> got it all set up, timed out. the song is coming. she gets up to go wash the dishes which she has never done. i blew out the candles. i said, i think the lighter is in the box behind you. i have just the ring sitting in there. she pulls it out and she looks at it, like, it's a ring. like it had -- somebody had left it there some other time. i don't know. i'm, like -- i got down on my knee, and i said, you know -- i couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life without you, and she kept looking at the ring, and she was, like, oh, my god. we now know because there is a playlist so we know how long it actually took, and it's, like, 25 minutes. 25 minutes. finally i literally said, look, you know, i hope the answer is yes, but i need an answer
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soon. >> how cute. >> i love that. >> could you love him more? >> i love -- when henry proposed to me, we were on a road trip. >> yeah. >> i don't know if you have been on road trips that really test you. this was a hiking road trip where we wake up at the crack of dawn. >> just the two of you? >> and my sister knew it was happening. he asked my sister because she's -- and my parents, obviously. every day i would call and be like now you're not going to believe what henry did. they're, like, oh, he is not going to do it. she's showing her true -- the true self. he is not going to do it. on the day it was supposed to happen, we didn't have cell service, and we didn't call so they're, like, he backed out. >> he backed out. >> he backed out. >> how did he do it, by the way? >> we were hiking, and he did it on the first place the sun sits the united states on cadillac mountain in maine, and we were hiking and he said we have to get up. the first thing we did was take, not together, coin showers.
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>> what's a coin shower? >> you have never been in a camp site where you put a coin in the shower. >> no, i just did it in the sink, you know, like that. >> full shower. we woke up at 4:00 at the crack of dawn. i was, like, let's just sleep for 30 more minutes. we don't need the sunrise. he knew what he was doing. >> did he explain why. >> so then when it was -- can we stop? i'm like, i'm frozen, no. he's trying to lure me with food. don't you want food? stop. he wanted to stop and ask me. i'm, like, let's go. then he did it. >> that is the sweetest thing. the first place the sun hits the united states. what's that called again? >> cadillac mountain in acadia mountain. >> it's beautiful. >> i will say i hadn't brushed my teeth. i hadn't brushed my teeth, so i was, like, i would have at least brushed my teeth. we kissed and i was, like, oh. you know what you are getting into. >> this is a cool story. this bride was -- they were buying matching wedding rings,
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the ring. something engraved, and she didn't tell her husband. okay? so when the groom -- they were trying on rings. it was before the ceremony to make sure they fit. he pulled it off, and he noticed there was an engraving, and the engraving was put it back on. don't you get it? don't take it off. >> nobody is listening. i'm not sure. >> nobody has anything up to say up in here? >> awww. >> so sad. i want to see what it looks like. should we do the broncos? >> is that good luck? >> i think so. chef is here. >> hello, miss cake maker. >> hello. >> ooh, i hate to even cut into this. >> i can't believe you cut the broncos one first. >> is that okay? >> it's good luck. >> oh, good. >> oh, look right here. can we get a shot right here?
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this is my zucchini lime cake. that? >> we need some icing, man. >> that is delish. >> thank you so much. >> you are one of the most popular people in all the -- in all of denver. >> rachel, by the way, she's the owner and cake designer of cut into that one too. >> i don't know. >> same kind. >> it is the same kind. enjoy. >> this is a super bowl commercial that kevin hart is in, and it's for hyundai, and it shows the comedian sending his date. take a look. >> why don't you go ahead and take my new car. >> thanks, pops. >> go on, baby. [ another one bites the dust >> watch this.
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>> favorite spot. favorite girl. >> you messing with the wrong >> i'm taking you home. >> why? >> car finder, on the hyundai genesis. >> back so soon? >> here you go, sir. >> because dad has to do what a dad has to do. >> honey, what did you guys do tonight? >> that was a ten. >> i love that. >> that was genius. >> do you remember in high school going on your first date? and how your dad reacted. >> my parents were very super strict. we were hardly allowed to leave the yard. we had that kind of upbringing. when i went out on dates, everything was a game. i would get into the passenger seat and literally, he'd go, your dad, your dad! i put my head down. i spent most of my transport with him trying to get me through the neighborhood because if my spotted us, and one of my
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downstairs in my basement. i was having a makeout session. you know, you're so excited. anyway, i was having a make-out session, and i heard the door open upstairs and i'm like, who could that be? dad and mom are at work. i heard the key, and i go run. i will never forget watching the back of john's -- like run through my backyard. i knew it was going to be over if my dad ever caught. >> that happened to me too. it was the worst. i'm not going to name any names, but we were home from school. i came home. i think it was, like, junior year or something, and my dad came home for lunch, and he noticed that the car was there, and he was, like, what in the heck is going on here? stormed up. we just made it. >> made it where? >> made it, you know, clear. it was okay. it was clear. and -- my dad is, like, why don't you two join me for lunch? that was the most awkward. >> this is awful. >> terrible.
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>> busted. critically acclaimed actress who could say has an ego. >> and by that we mean an emmy, golden globe, and oscar. >> christine laty tells us all about her new film called "touched with fire," coming up after this. this. tv anncr: good afternoon everyone. tv anncr: it's the perfect day for a game of football. tv anncr: this team is having a fantastic season. morning rituals are special. when you share what you love... ...with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat! can win a microsoft surface 3...when you buy any specially-marked kellogg's product. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry
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>> she has an oscar, emmy and a golden globe, star of stage and tv for more than 35 years. >> she's done it all. we're talking about the fabulous christine lahti. you know her from shows like "chicago hope," law & order suv," and a turn on the season >> her latest role is one of her most personal yet, and it's a fire." she plays the mother of a young woman who is struggling to understand her bipolar disorder. >> i had ae really good plan. you are going to spend the night tonight, and then tomorrow morning first thing we'll if to
2:23 am
you can ask anything, okay? we'll figure all this out. like that. >> how am i looking at you? >> like i'm crazy. >> i'm not looking at you like you're crazy. >> no, you're looking at me like you don't even recognize me. >> no, honey. i love you. >> oh, my god. >> that is so heavy and personal, isn't it? >> yes. >> you chose this project for lots of reasons, but what was the main thing that drew you to it? >> my sister struggled with bipolar for over -- bipolar disease for over 20 years, and then after -- it was a roller coaster of a life. she was the most brave, strongest, most resilient person i've ever known, and then she ended up taking her life after struggling with it for so long. >> so this movie is really important because it talks about the seduction of mania because my sister struggled with -- once she was on her meds, she would be so depressed and she would describe it as being brain dead that she wouldn't want to stay on them anymore, so then she would go off of them and then go into mania and that's when she felt the most alive. >> you could tell just -- i hate
2:24 am
scene, you could tell how much you understood it. like you felt that watching it. >> i didn't have to do any homework for this movie. you know, another part of this movie is to really look at how bipolar affects the family and, you know, i think that if my sister was alive today, she would find that there were so many more possibilities in medication and also meditation apparently has been really helping people -- a combination of meditation and medication. >> were there any moments in this film when you were, i mean, acting, but it felt so real that it was almost hard to do? >> the entire movie felt completely real to me. i mean, i felt like i was reenacting my life, but with katie, katie holmes. the acting was so -- the actors were so great, and we did a lot of improv. >> did you? >> yeah. >> you said it affects families. in your personal family were you angry at your sister? what did you feel when she took
2:25 am
>> oh, god. well, first of all, i would be frustrated with her when she went off her meds, of course, but i understood why because when she was on them, as i said, she was just incapable of getting out of bed basically. angry, yeah. i mean, i think you go through all the stages. angry and guilty. i mean, i think that if anyone has anyone in their lives who have committed suicide, you can't help but feel if only i had fill in the blank done something. >> are you playing so many roles in so many different things. we showed a little clip of you on "the black list," and you play -- you're so nice. i can't imagine how evil you are on "the black list." describe your character. what's she like? she's saving the world, you see, if you know the story. she's the head of the kabal, but for her from her vantage point she's doing the right thing. unfortunately, there are a few
2:26 am
has to get rid of. >> do you love playing mean? is it fun? >> so much fun. so much fun. >> why? >> because i think we all have a dark side or several dark sides, and it's just imaging somebody -- actually trying to play somebody who could be playing a villain, but finding her underbelly and finding, you know -- >> humanity. her humanity. >> you look so fab. we all have something in common. you spin? >> spin. >> which one do you do? soul cycle? >> we should go together. we're plugged in. >> we love it. snpt it -- isn't it fun to do the little dance moves? >> i dance my brains out. >> so in. >> touched with fire opens february 12th in new york and l.a. and nationwide it opens on february 9th. >> rewind, hoda, and let's look back on the our favorite super bowl ads.
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>> in honor of the super bowl we for webtastic. >> today we're sharing our favorite super bowls commercials of all time. >> these are kind of in a category. but for some reason, i couldn't get this one out of my head. this is an e-trade, the monkey ad. it aired 16 years ago. i don't care if i saw it on youtube or during the game, but i loved it. look at it. >> oh, i like it. >> watch, the bottom. >> we just wasted $2 million.
2:29 am
money? isn't that good? >> pretty good. okay. i think i have a better one. >> wait. >> it was okay. nobody laughed. >> she laughed. >> she laughed at me. it's from 2013. 2013 super bowl. the viva taco bell commercial. >> is this with the little chihuahua? >> no. [ singing in spanish ] >> first of all, i love that they have the "we were young" -- >> i don't hear anyone laughing. >> hello? >> that was charity.
2:30 am
i like that they were playing "you were young" in espanol. >> time and money and space with madeline's perfect pantry. >> and youtube star whose videos have more than a billion views. >> everybody is taking about lily. hello, lily. >> hi. lysol disinfectant spray kills 99.9% of bacteria on more than just the trashcan. it's the "pungent gym bag stink" neutralizer. and the "prevent mold and mildew on the shower curtain for up to 7 days" spray. it's also the "odor causing bacteria" fighter. and even the "athlete's foot fungus" killer. discover more ways you can use lysol disinfectant spray to help keep your home healthier. working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my lower back but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain.
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want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and wiggle, giggle, swerve and curve. with soft dual leak guard barriers and a discreet fit that hugs your curves. so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always it's try day friday. jenna bush hager is sitting in for kathie lee, and there aren't many people in this world that can say they have nearly eight million followers. >> but lily singh can. that's how many people subscribe to her youtube channel. she began six years ago, and her videos have been viewed over a billion, billion, times, making this super woman a powerhouse in business. >> that's not all. lily was recently featured on "people magazine" ones to watch list and forbes' 30 under 30 list, and she's about to release a feature film about her world tour called "a trip to unicorn
2:33 am
take a look. >> do not let anyone, including yourself, let you believe for a second that you don't deserve to be so happy. because you all deserve to be so, so happy. so, stop everything. you know i got to do this right now? check them out! check them out! check them out! >> manchester, check them out. >> hong kong, check them out. >> check you out, girl. >> oh, my god. we love you. >> only a super woman would get a lot of fans in unicorn costumes. >> check them out. >> it's snowing outside. these guys came out. they're a hardy group here now. earlier they were packed out on
2:34 am
i couldn't believe what we were looking at. the number of people that came in the snow, and they came to see you, girl. >> dressed like a unicorn. >> i know. >> you have such an empowering message. a lot of people get famous because they are risky or do things that aren't so cool, but you chose this positive, upbeat message. >> i think positivity is very cool. i would love for positivity to be cool. i believe in being positive and sending out a positive vibe into the atmosphere. i'm all about that. >> talk to us about how you first decided, okay, youtube? it's become this amazing thing, but six years ago it was a foreign territory, right? >> for sure. i remember seeing my first youtube video and saying, like, what are this thing, these people doing? do people watch this? i started making videos in 2010. five, six years ago. simply because i was sad. i was a sad person. i was going through a very difficult time, and i discovered youtube. i put up a youtube video and for the first time in so long, that made me very happy. >> did people instantly find it? how did they find it and find you? >> that's a great question.
2:35 am
day ask how did you discover me? there's always a different answer. views. subscribers. >> did your parents know what >> absolutely not. there is no way i would tell them. they only found out about my youtube videos because one of our relatives called from like another part of canada. >> show us a little bit of your mom and dad. >> if they were here right now they would go what are you doing on the "today" show. "today" show, you think you got it? like, they would make fun of the way i'm dressing, all that stuff. >> what would your mom say? >> oh, my mom would say lily, you wearing dress, you show your legs, huh? >> how have they inspired you to be -- you're an amazing role model. >> you think part of that comes from them? >> definitely. i think honestly, i call myself
2:36 am
that from my mom. she's the strongest. i know people say that, but my mom is so strong. she's a great example. she's been so supportive throughout this entire thing. >> unicorn island. what's a snap shot? you have one. mine is full of skittles and all things wonderful. my show is basically be happy and find your unicorn island. >> hence everyone outside dressed as unicorns. >> by the way, they do look >> yes. freezing. >> yes. >> we can't thank you enough for coming to see us. >> thank you for having me. >> congrats on everything. we can't wait to see what's next. >> you got it, girl. >> a trip to unicorn island is exclusively available on youtube red starting february 10th. >> okay. before you go to unicorn island, you'll want to take a trip to your pantry. actually, it may be my unicorn island. madeleine will share her tips for keeping food fresh right after this. >> you are awesome. we were below
2:37 am
we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay! there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'. happy anniversary dinner, darlin' can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn
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you got a tv near your kitchen, then pump up the volume because we're going to help you clear out your pantry and get the whole thing organized. >> something we both need to do. health and nutrition editor madeline bernstrom will help you stock your pantry with all the right staples. but first madeleine paid a visit to the home of a working wife and mom of twin boys. although her pantry was in pretty good shape, madeline still had some great tips. >> you have got a lot of great things in your pantry, but let's start with some things that maybe could use a little work. you've got some panko crumbs. another almost used panko crumbs and another one, unopened.
2:39 am
mostly done. consolidating these and keeping them in the same place let's you know what's there. this expires today. it doesn't mean it's not safe to eat, but use it soon and keep it in the front of the pantry so you'll use it. >> i always thought that the expiration date means i needed toss it. you're saying that's not the case? >> it's not true. flavor can be compromised, but you can reseason it as well. >> excellent to have some cereal on hand, but these are both open. >> i got to blame my twins for that one. >> okay. good idea taking your rice out of the box and putting in a bag, but how old is it and how do you cook it? before you throw away the package, cut out the package label with nutrition information as well as serving size and how to cook it. tape it right to the outside. >> makes a lot of sense. >> you feel good about this? >> i feel great. thank you. >> madeline. >> what if you have a big walk-in closet, there's basics
2:40 am
it's not about a shop all and a bunker for all the things you see in a big box store. >> you hate to have spices in there forever, and people think they're fine. >> they really have. they have a really long shelf life. maybe a couple of years. one thing we do is consolidate. look at the old stuff. it's not that they go bad, but they have no taste or flavor. toss them. they're not doing anything. try and consolidate. italian seasonings or the french version, which is herb de provence. keep things together. use them more often. salt and pepper really last forever. the same thing with oil and vinegars. you are looking at oil and especially buy one that you use. unflavored like safflower and then flavored for olive oil. >> i love canned goods. i use them a lot. who doesn't? one of the things that i did not know is about the due dates. >> expiration dates. >> they can last longer than we think? >> because they last in cans about two years. you can leave them a few months more. this has nothing to do with safety. best buy, use by, or best if
2:41 am
things that companies do. there's no regulation. it's a guideline for optimal taste and flavor. to use them after that, you just have to reseason a little bit. cans can be good for tomato that are hardly good except for a month or two a year. >> what if you get -- sometimes you get them banged up. does it matter? >> a little ding now and then is not a problem. if you have a dent anywhere near the top where it's going to be sealed, that's where you can have bacterial contamination. just bring it back to the store, and they'll swap it out. >> zim zip locks are important to madeleine. >> who doesn't love a good zip lock? it saves space, and it keeps things fresher. freshness -- things get stale, you tend to toss them. when you take things out, your rice, beans, it can be anything, put them in a bag. also, the portion size and the cooking directions. >> it's smart. >> it sounds like a good idea. to put them in there, but you forget how to cook them. >> you can also, especially if you or your family is looking
2:42 am
take everything out and then you don't know what are these things? you can just put them back in here. zip lock. then that keeps it -- >> chips and crackers, which is my favorite. >> any of these starches or grains, you can do the same thing. cereal varies. you have a big container out and put down the serving size so you know what's in it, but you can also do this by just keeping it in the original packaging. and get one of these clips. >> chip clip. >> you can use -- >> a clothes pin. >> madeline, thank you. >> madeline, looking fine. >> more of madeline's pantry tips, klg and >> then from the kitchen to the bedroom, how parents can find a place for romance right after this. >> yes.
2:43 am
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>> remember what it was like before you had kids when and you your partner could eat dinner together every night and go out on dates and cuddle up on weekends? >> no, i don't remember any of that.
2:46 am
once the kids come, so do the demands and the priority that gets pushed to the bottom of the list is sex and romance. >> we'll help you find time to make whoopi. >> don't say make whoopi. a mom of two, ob-gyn. >> kristen, author of mama-natrix. mother of four. a guide to sex and a member of our "today" parenting team. >> her daughter is actually here. >> we're very sorry. >> forgot the ear muffs. >> this is one of the things that every mom around will say, yes, it seems like a great idea. you want to make time, but there are so many other priorities. you end up bumping it down to the bottom of the list, don't you? >> you really hit it on the head. you have to make it a priority. whether it's putting a lock on your bedroom door so you don't worry about children perhaps interrupting or disturbing or making a scheduled date night that you pen into your calendar
2:47 am
reason at all once a week or once every two weeks so that you can have some intimate time. >> how about spontaneity? >> what about if you go on a date night and you eat a lot of pasta or pizza, and you get home and you are not in the mood. >> i think it's important to understand why it's not a priority. sometimes it's not just because you're too busy. that can be an excuse. it can be like a little boring. it could be that it's painful. there's a lot that could be happings that makes you not do it. >> if you have kids that are pulling on you and mommy, mommy all the time, then you don't really want another person on top of you, you know. can you help with that? >> yeah. well, you could be by yourself. >> see what you got. she what happens. take a solo trip to poughkeepsie. >> think of the benefits of
2:48 am
this is very much on a scientific level. there are endorphins and chemicals and neurotransmitters in the brain that are released with intimate activity and they're excellent for general health benefits. even prevention of cancer, heart disease, depression. these -- it's very helpful. >> to make your marriage a priority too because i think especially with men you know that they instantly feel connected. i can feel connected if i cuddle up on the couch, but they feel connected you have to do that sometimes for them. >> if you are happier as a couple, it's actually better for your kids, and i've told people, it sounds a little weird, but have sex for your kids, because you'll be better parents, and you'll be happier. >> it's not like it takes all day. how long does it -- >> five minutes? >> it takes about -- about two songs on our play list. >> look. >> it depends. >> talk about it. 24 hours in a day. >> two songs.
2:49 am
hours a day. >> you said five. >> i'm giving you eight minutes because you said two songs. >> let's talk about some ways that you can help. >> i have never seen oil like -- >> if you have been a relationship in a little while, and there's a little boredom that may come with that. i often will recommend using some sort of lubricant, whether it's a household item. coconut oil is a favorite. though i will make mention -- >> i love coconut oil. >> these are not compatible with condoms. if you're not looking to have another little distraction running around, you may want to use a different type of lubricant. >> it's good for your skin too. >> yeah. exactly. >> there are other lubes out there. this is in a pinch, and you have that spontaneous moment. >> what's this thing? i think i've seen one, but never
2:50 am
>> this will give you a different, this microderm abrasion system will give you a different kind of skin glow. >> use your imagination. >> i actually don't understand that. >> turn the button on, and there you go. >> it has movement in it, so it vibrates. >> wouldn't that hurt? >> there's a cap. >> we got to take it down. take it down a notch. >> blind fold. >> a sleep mask can double as a blind fold, which can be fun. >> think "fifty shades of grey." there are other tame ways to spice things up a little bit. >> like what? >> change up the time of day. if your energy is high first thing in the morning, think about intimacy before your children are awake. if your children are at school or have after school activities, there's nothing wrong with a little afternoon romance. >> afternoon delight. >> you can make it a priority. you are right. we were joking around, but -- >> i feel sometimes bad talking about this because we don't always make it a priority, but
2:51 am
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>> mine is the last segment. i want to thank jenna bush hager for hanging out today. >> next week, fun week. we have ryan reynolds and fran dresher. how are you missing that? >> il divo. >> and thomas rex! >> okay.
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